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As a programmer working with the LAMP stack I have professional experience developing and supporting custom objected-oriented Web solutions in PHP and MySQL. In addition to this experience I have worked as both a systems analyst (AS/400 RPG) and a network engineer for a medium sized multi-state corporation in the plastics industry. As reflected on my LinkedIn resume, I have leveraged a strong interest in both security and process improvement as a significant value-add throughout my career.

During my collegiate career I gained significant experience in Java while completing electives in software engineering, database modeling and design, C and Linux. I also selected a package of non-technical electives including separate courses in interpersonal and organizational communications, a pair technical writing courses, a senior-level project management course, and a class in computing ethics.

My education and broad experience as developer, systems analyst and network engineer demonstrate both my flexibility and the breadth of experience I can draw upon in solving a wide variety of problems in the Web applications domain. If you would like contact me, I can be reached via the contact page.

B.S. Computer Science, August 2014 – Metropolitan State University, Summa Cum Laude
A.A. Liberal Arts, May 2011 – North Hennepin Community College, 4.0 GPA
A.S. Computer Science, May 2010 – North Hennepin Community College, 4.0 GPA

Chris Peterson

Chris Peterson

As a Web Application Developer & Elephant Trainer I have been putting the PHP mascot to work for more than a decade. I specialize in back-end development and use the LAMP stack to craft software that frees human beings to spend their time on more productive and rewarding things.

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