Scroll down to see a sampling of the of the custom object-oriented PHP / MySQL applications I have developed.  These projects include those developed for employers, some of which are intranet only applications.  Others were freelance or personal projects.  Links are provided for publicly available sites that are still in operation.


FLW Fishing

Various aspects of Fishing League Worldwide’s main site, www.flwfishing.com including those enumerated below.

  • Design and implementation of RESTful API
  • Numerous systems based on AWS SDK for PHP, AWS CLI, Twitter and other APIs
  • Configuration and management of AWS Aurora (MySQL)
  • Configuration and management of AWS Cloud Search – Angler Search
  • Multiple aspects of FLW Kids Club (requires subscription)
  • Member Profile Management (requires sign-up)
  • Fantasy Fishing Pundit Picks
  • Automation of migration of data from legacy ColdFusion and T-SQL systems



A responsive custom-built website featuring community information and advertising opportunities for local businesses. Graphic arts work by third party.


 E-Business Cards

PHP e-commerce application providing a platform creating graphical business cards for electronic exchange on mobile devices.

  • Image processing with PHP GD
  • Custom logo upload functionality
  • MMS distribution system
  • PayPal API integration for accepting credit card payments
  • Retrieval function to re-download previously purchased cards
  • Sample watermarking for viewing unpaid cards during design process


Car Jailer

This intranet application has received accolades from area towing businesses for alleviating the most tedious aspects of impound lot management.

  • Ensures accurate information is collected by incorporating complex validation
  • Provides instant access to records to quickly respond to telephone inquiries
  • Generates dynamic invoices based on constantly accruing storage charges
  • Manages regulatory compliance by generating legal notices to vehicle owners
  • Provides searchable archive for vehicles previously towed and/or released


Dispatch Roster

Intranet application used by employees to collect information for roadside service requests.

  • Prompts employee to ensure that all necessary information will be collected
  • Provides open-call summary sorted by promised time-of-arrival
  • Provides quick-fill options for common delivery points
  • Dynamically generates Mapquest links to instantly display driving directions
  • Facilitates billing by generating pre-populated invoices based on each customer’s and/or motor club’s unique requirements


A/R Point-of-Sale Capture

A locally hosted object-oriented point-of-sale application designed for service stations that automates collection of in-house charge transactions.

  • Point-of-sale input decreases bookkeeper time and errors
  • Provides both detail and single monthly total for each customer’s retail transactions
  • Ensures accurate customer identification through support for barcoded cards
  • Facilitates employee / vehicle tracking by generating summary reports for accounts with multiple card holders
  • Card lockout for lost cards
  • Account lockout for delinquent accounts


Time Clock / Commission Manager

This intranet application captures employee time punches, collects data for commissioned sales, and generates pay period reports.

  • Permits employees to review punch history and commission summaries
  • Allows employees to request adjustments to punches, for time worked off-site, etc.
  • Automatically calculates commissions across multiple customizable rate categories
  • Permits individual commission rates for each employee, in each category
  • Breaks out and highlights overtime
  • Generates pay period reports for Paychex, ADT, or other provider
  • Retains records for past periods to allow custom reports to be generated


Online Reservation System

PHP e-commerce application allowing public to schedule short-term horse boarding.

  • Public facing reservation component handling availability, scheduling and purchase of optional services
  • PayPal API integration for accepting credit card payments
  • Management console for managing reservations, payments, and generating reports


After Dark

Provides Web based front-end for Intel Dialogic call management systems.

  • Local interface allows employees to activate system and choose on-call employee prior to closing office
  • Secure Internet interface provides remote control for managers
  • Records timestamp and caller-id information for all incoming calls
  • Logs employee to whom call was routed
  • Allows customer the option to be routed to the cell phone of a supervisor in case of problems

Chris Peterson

Chris Peterson

As a Web Application Developer & Elephant Trainer I have been putting the PHP mascot to work for more than a decade. I specialize in back-end development and use the LAMP stack to craft software that frees human beings to spend their time on more productive and rewarding things.

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