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Flippin’ Fast Array Searches in PHP


Recently, while optimizing some code to use less memory, I had to manually compare two arrays rather than using PHP’s built-in functions.  Given the sizes of the arrays involved processing was far too slow to be practical. While considering my options (and groaning at the amount of work they would take) it occurred to me that a simple trick might just do the job. Since PHP actually implements...

WSL Line Endings with NetBeans


While the Windows Subsystem for Linux provides a suitable environment for development, the one fly-in-the-ointment is still the incompatibility of the respective file systems. Microsoft has emphatically warned that writing to the Linux file system from Windows has the potential to corrupt the entire Linux environment. As such, they recommend that files be created and modified in Windows, and then...

Chris Peterson

Chris Peterson

As a Web Application Developer & Elephant Trainer I have been putting the PHP mascot to work for more than a decade. I specialize in back-end development and use the LAMP stack to craft software that frees human beings to spend their time on more productive and rewarding things.

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