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My part-time business, Chris Peterson Communications is a locally owned Web publishing and development company located in Big Lake, MN. The company publishes, a resource providing general information and advertising opportunities for local businesses.

We also do Web development, specializing in the technologies of the affordable open-source hosting platforms most commonly used by small businesses. Using languages and technologies like PHP, MySQL and javascript we can help you with a variety of tasks from adding simple forms to your pages all the way up to designing and coding secure custom applications.

As a veteran Web developer and graduate of the Computer Science program at Metropolitan State University, I have the education and experience to bring your Web application project to fruition. To see a sample of the real-world development projects I have completed in the past, please visit my portfolio page.

If you would like to discuss your needs and how we might help, I can be reached via the contact page.

Chris Peterson

Chris Peterson

As a Web Application Developer & Elephant Trainer I have been putting the PHP mascot to work for more than a decade. I specialize in back-end development and use the LAMP stack to craft software that frees human beings to spend their time on more productive and rewarding things.

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