eToken WSO and IE10

For the last several years I’ve been using the SafeNet (formerly Aladdin) eToken Web Sign On (WSO) product to manage my credentials for more than two-dozen websites. Unfortunately, after upgrading to IE10 the browser extension no longer works.

While version 5.2 of the WSO software only officially supported Internet Explorer up to version 8, I experienced no issues running it on IE9. However, the browser extension no longer functions properly under IE10. Undaunted, I simply renewed my license in order to download the updated version of the WSO software. Sadly, I found that the software had not been updated in several years.

Upon contacting SafeNet I was advised that “The latest WSO version is 5.2 and it is end of development for now.” While they did direct me to an alternative product offered by Evidian, it appears to be an enterprise-level offering with no viable support for one-off consumer application.

eToken was a great consumer-friendly product for securely managing PKI and web credentials in a convenient USB smartcard. If SafeNet truly intends to abandon the WSO product it would great if they would release the code to the open source community so it could be extended to support modern browsers. Unfortunately, this seems unlikely since it would ostensibly mean openly releasing the API which is part of the SDK that it licenses for profit.

For now I will continue to use eToken for PKI and am trying out KeePass for “Web Sign On.” What’s your solution?

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